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New tutoring initiative will combat pandemic learning loss at NYC schools


New York City public schools are doubling down on new tutoring programs in math and reading as a way to help kids recover from pandemic learning loss.

The city has quietly launched what it calls “high-impact tutoring” in grades K-2 and 6-8. The initiative began with 3,500 students at 65 schools over the past academic year, and aims to include 15,000 students at 80 schools by 2025.

The city is partnering with a nonprofit called ExpandEd Schools. The city is kicking in $15 million in stimulus funds to pay for tutoring and private funders are paying more than $4 million for training. ExpandEd Schools will work with schools to vet tutors and help them prepare.

“The idea is schools and community partners know their students best,” said Saskia Traill, president of ExpandEd Schools. Tutoring groups must consist of four students or fewer and meet at least three times per week “because that’s where the evidence tells us tutoring makes the most impact,” said Traill.