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Trainings for ExpandED Schools Partner Sites

ExpandED Schools by TASC logo

ExpandED Schools provides engaging, effective professional development for schools and community organizations on the following topics:

  • Program Quality Development
  • Staff Fundamentals
  • Social-Emotional Learning
  • STEM
  • Literacy

These trainings are intended for after-school program staff members — from front-line workers to supervisors of multiple ExpandED Schools programs serving elementary, middle and high schools. These workshops are offered at no charge to staff serving in our ExpandED Schools Partner Sites as a benefit of your involvement. 

If your program is not currently an ExpandED Schools Partner Site, you can still access our training for your staff for a nominal per-person fee. Register below.

Taejha Richardson
For technical assistance with ExpandED Schools training:
Email Taejha Richardson
Capacity Building Director
or call (646) 943-8771


Fall 2020 Training 


 Webinar: Google Classroom Tutorial  

This session will offer participants a  complete walkthrough of how to create an online learning platform on Google Classroom. In this training, we explore how to build a google classroom, navigating settings, posting various forms of assignments and creating discussion boards. Furthermore, We also explore various platforms for live engagement and best practices including Teams, Webex and Hangouts Meet. 

Facilitator: Monia Salam


Videoconference: Online Literacy Learning Games 

Who said that learning couldn’t be fun? This workshop will teach you how to use online games to increase engagement and learning. Participants will learn how to choose and craft online games aligned with learning goals. You will also learn how different games can improve student learning and boost literacy skills. This workshop is recommended for line staff, Ed. specialists and program supervisors.

Facilitator: Adriana Oliveira


Webinar: Planning and Delivering Online Instruction 

This workshop will explore available online delivery platforms and other things to consider when switching to online instruction. You will learn how to plan focused lessons using online tools. 

Facilitator: Adriana Oliveira


Webinar: Introduction to Youth Services 

In this webinar, participants will learn about the YouthServices.net database management system used to collect enrollment/attendance data for internal/external review and research purposes. Attendees will learn to utilize the system functions, manage and interpret the data to make programmatic decisions, and discover ways to accurately reflect program schedules. This training will ultimately prepare users with the necessary skills to navigate efficiently through the system and manage their program data effectively. 

Facilitator: Mark Herreros


Videoconference: Youth Development 101- Ages and Stages

In order to effectively support and work with young people in after school spaces, we must understand their needs. During this session, participants will explore factors that affect how youth develop, discuss physical, cognitive, emotional and psychological changes and needs at different stages and identify practices for supporting positive youth development in their programs.

Facilitator: Tarilyn Little


Videoconference: Family Engagement

Engaging families is a practice critical to the success of the students in your program! In this workshop, participants will learn strategies for meaningfully engaging families at their program site. Featured strategies will include creating a welcoming environment, building relationships with families, communicating with families through a family newsletter, and hosting family learning nights. Participants should expect to participate in a rich learning community and to leave with a variety of resources for increasing family engagement at their site.

Facilitator: Kaychell English


Videoconference: Market Makers – Entrepreneurship in Middle School

Are you looking to add high-engagement project-based entrepreneurship clubs to your program? Market Makers promotes financial literacy among middle school students by infusing entrepreneurship instruction into enrichment clubs. Students follow the Market Makers model to create their own business. As they build their business from ideation to sales, students get to flex their creative muscles, collaboratively solve problems, and learn numerous entrepreneurial skills such as budgeting and marketing. Participants in this session will receive the Market Makers curriculum and training they need to successfully facilitate high-quality entrepreneurship lessons

  • Thursday, October 15, 2020 10:00am-2:00 pm

Facilitator: Dan Levitt


Videoconference: Trauma-Informed Care

Trauma can have different meanings for different people. What one person may see as a minor event may be a major trigger for another. After all, we only have our own set of experiences to draw upon to make judgments. Participants will deepen their understanding of the core concept of trauma and how it can impact one’s brain and behavior. Participants will also learn how to identify, track, and properly address trauma with their students while also helping youth increase self-regulation. Participants will be encouraged to exercise empathy and self-awareness as they navigate through scientific and emotional examples of how trauma can affect a person.

Facilitator: Tarilyn Little


Videoconference: Creating a Virtual CS Experience for Remote Learners

CS:101 is the perfect starting point for introducing computation at your program-site. This workshop provides examples of computer science and computational thinking activities and resources to implement virtually. 

Facilitator: Steve Roberts


Videoconference: Anti-Racism and Wellness in the classroom 

In this workshop, we will explore the various ways that racism manifests in educational spaces and the impact on childhood wellness. We will also explore considerations for creating an antiracist afterschool space through the environment, policies, practices, and curriculum. 

Facilitator: Tarilyn Little


Videoconference: STEM Support for Site Directors and Education Specialists 

Wondering what you can do to support your staff charged with leading STEM activities?  Feel like you already offer programmatic support to staff, but want to incorporate some STEM-specific coaching?  Join us for this STEM support workshop!  We’ll cover how to find STEM resources that can support your staff in implementing highly-engaging STEM activities.  We’ll also talk about how to work with staff to prepare for successful STEM lessons, including planning time and logistical needs.  Finally, we’ll focus on one of your most powerful tools as a supervisor: observation and coaching.  How can you bring a STEM lens to the feedback and coaching you offer your staff?

Facilitator: Dan Levitt and Fran Agnone


Videoconference: Relationship Building with Youth

The number, consistency, and intensity of positive relationships in young people’s lives are linked with a range of positive academic, social, and emotional outcomes. This workshop will evaluate the factors that lead to and best practices for nurturing sustainable, positive relationships with students and explore how communication directly affects student behavior. Using the Search Institute’s Developmental Relationships framework, participants will explore strategies for building, sustaining, and repairing relationships. Attendees will also explore the skills and strategies that can help you better communicate and get through to your students. We will present tools and techniques to positively redirect negative behavior and will provide opportunities to practice reframing our language to be more impactful and effective. 

Facilitator: Deborah Taylor