Work-Based Learning Coalition

New York City Work-Based Learning Coalition

The New York City Work-Based Learning Coalition comprises non-profits, educational institutions, young people, practitioners, advocates, families, employers, and thought leaders committed to increasing equity, quality, and access to work-based learning opportunities for New York City’s youth. We envision that every young person has access to high-quality career exploration and real-world work experiences. We aim to better prepare all young New Yorkers for career success and economic security in a rapidly changing economy/labor market.

The work of the WBL Coalition is to discover, support, and implement advocacy efforts in coordination with young people, schools, nonprofit organizations, and NYC and NYS agencies.


Diversity and Inclusivity: Each person’s unique identity and life experiences enrich our community. We aim to gain perspective, empathize, and listen and learn from one another to create a supportive and affirming space.

Transparency: We are open and honest. We are accountable to each other. We strive to develop systems with racially, culturally, and linguistically diverse perspectives, tools, and resources.

Collaboration: We listen and evolve together. We recognize each other’s contributions, respect each other’s expertise, and offer our time and skills when we can.

Core Principles

Our coalition is calling on the Board of Regents, NY State Education Department, NYC Department of Education, and NYC Department of Youth and Community Development to: 

  1. Redesign high school graduation and credit requirements to center and authentically assess work experience and career readiness alongside academic preparation.
  2. Emphasize and support career readiness within the city and state agencies as a critical driver to improve K-12 outcomes for all students.
  3. Expand opportunities for all students to engage in paid, meaningful work, as an intentional part of their school experience, with intentional support for students with disabilities and multilingual learners.
  4. Support a campaign for Universal SYEP to ensure that all young people have access to high-quality paid work experiences.

Membership Process

The NYC WBL Coalition is dedicated to advocating for policy changes to ensure that every young person has access to career-connected learning. To ensure that our meeting time is manageable, productive, and on task, new members are asked to participate in a brief interview to ensure alignment with the goals and values of the NYC WBL Coalition.

Interested in becoming a member?