Field Trip Activities: Career KWL Chart

Adapted from Jobs for the Future Possible Futures: Health Sciences


Career Research Document

Computers or Tablets with internet access


  • Research careers connected to their field trip
  • Reflect on their research

Part 1: Overview Directions

  • Distribute or share digital copies of Career Research Document
  • Review with students the directions at the top of the page:
    • Research two careers that connect to your  field trip. These could be jobs you think you will see on the trip, jobs you’ve learned about, and/or jobs that connect to topics you will encounter on your trip. 
    • Share with students some examples of jobs they might see on the trip, and/or ask students to share out some ideas of jobs connected to the field trip
    • Model researching the careers using Google websearch or using the O*NET website shown at the top of the document.

Part 2: Activity

  • Give students 15-20 minutes to research the careers connected to their field trip. 

Part 3: Share Out

  • Invite students to share with partners or with the group  which careers they researched and any new ideas they learned about these careers
  • You might ask students:
    • Do any of the careers they researched interest you? Why or why not?
    • Do you have any questions about these careers that you’d want to ask on our field trip?
    • Do you know any adults in your life who have this job or a similar one?