Community Walk Sample Agenda

Part 1
Part 1

Brainstorm: 10-15 minutes

Give students time to brainstorm about jobs and businesses in the community. You might ask:

  • What businesses do we already know exist in our community? 
  • What jobs might we see when we go outside?
  • Optional: What questions might we want to ask a business owner? Jot these down to use when meeting with a local business owner.
Part II
Part II

In the Field: 30-45 minutes

Educators lead students on a walk through the community to observe jobs and businesses in their community. 

  • Throughout the walk, students might take pictures of things in these categories and/or jot down observations on their Community Walk Graphic Organizer
  • Optional: meet with one local business owner. Invite students to ask questions or use the questions from the brainstorming session. Alternatively, have students ask questions and jot down what they hear using the Worksite Interview Graphic Organizer
Part III
Part III

Reflection: 10-15 minutes (with the option to extend this)

  • Give students time to reflect on the Community Walk. You might ask:

    • What jobs did we see?
    • What did you learn about?
    • What surprised you?
    • What are we still wondering about?
    • Students might draw or paste pictures they took  on a digital or analogue Post Field Trip Reflection Board 

    *If there isn’t enough time for the reflection on the same day as the walking trip, consider scheduling reflection time for the following session.