Career Field Trip Activities

Adapted from Ellen Baxt for Exploring Futures

When making career connections to existing field trips, consider:

  • What jobs/careers will be on-site during the field trip?
  • What fields of study will students encounter during this field trip?
  • What are the interests of my students, and how can I connect them to this trip?
Pre-Field Trip Activities
Pre-Field Trip Activities

Pre Field Trip Activities

  • Read about the workplace you are going to visit
  • Read about the kind of facility you are going to visit
  • Students develop questions they have about the facility
  • Students predict the occupations they might see on the trip
  • Students fill out the “K” and “W” of the Career KWL Chart
Trip Task
Trip Task

Trip Task

  • Create a graphic organizer that helps students track their observations. Example of an Exposure Event Graphic Organizer
  • If you become familiar with the workplace ahead of time, you might create a scavenger hunt that students can do during the visit. Make sure this will not be disruptive to the workers. 
  • Facilitate students asking their questions
  • Potential: Conduct informational interview(s) with professionals. Use the informational interview
Follow-up Activities
Follow-up Activities

Follow-up Activities

  • Students fill out the “L” of the Career KWL Chart
  • Thank you letters, including information that was especially meaningful
  • Written or discussion reflections
  • Further questions
  • Exploration of secondary and post-secondary programs that prepare students to work in the careers seen at the worksite
  • Discussion of work-based learning opportunities